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New Feature: Countdown Timers

‘Tis the season for sleigh rides, snow angels, and presents under the tree. ‘Tis also the season for procrastination, last-minute shopping expeditions and outright panic. While everyone is busy watching “Elf” for the 15th time or helping themselves to yet another serving of Uncle Eddie’s eggnog, they are forgetting that time is quickly ticking by. No one notices

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How to Dramatically Improve Your Email Marketing in Less than 2 Minutes

While we here at NiftyImages are busy working on new features and improvements we thought we would share a real-life example of just how easy (and awesome) creating a personalized NiftyImage is. This short video takes a generic image from a popular retailer’s actual email campaign and uses NiftyImages to make it infinitely more personalized and

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Personalize Images Increase Engagement & ROI

Remember that cheerleader in high school you were fairly certain didn’t know you existed? Or that quarterback you were not-so-subtly stalking around campus? Then one day they said “Hi, {your name}” while passing in the hallway and you instantly felt like you just won the lottery? And what was the very first thing you did

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