Guidelines for Personalizing Photoshop Files

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You can only get access to this feature if you are a paying customer, at the Enterprise Tier or higher.  


NiftyImages PSD Example File

Keep files under 2 MB.  (Output images will be smaller.)

FONTS:   You will need to provide the font file (.TTF) for any text layers that are used in the Photoshop file.  Merge or rasterize any text that you can to avoid this and speed up performance.  A default font can be selected for the file if you do not have the font file.

You must have a placeholder in your PSD file for the variable you wish to use, using this format:   {txt}

  • In most cases, this will be the only text in your file.
  • You can have more than one variable:    {txt}, {txt2}, {txt3}, {txt4}, {txt5}, etc.
  • Each variable can have their own Default Value, Text Casing, as well as Min/Max setting.
  • You can use the same variable {txt2} in multiple font layers, each using different fonts/colors/etc.

EFFECTS:   Not all text effects will work, such as layer masking.  Here are those that do:

  • Layering
  • Text on Paths
  • Drop Shadows
  • Stroke
  • Character Spacing


Performance Advice:

  • Keep your image dimensions as low as you need them.  Example 600 x 300 pixels
  • The fewer the layers the better.

Reach out to us with any questions at   Keep in mind that you can only get access to this tool if you are a paying customer, at the Enterprise Tier or higher.