A Guide for Personalizing Photoshop Files

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Personalizing Photoshop files allows you to have multiple variables inside of a single image, each with their own font/size/color, positioning and text effects.

In this example we have an image that has 6 separate variables.


Auction-Site Background Variables.png


Within the Photoshop PSD each variable must be it’s own layer.  You must also put the placeholders for each variable in the image using this formatting:  {txt}, {txt2}, {txt3}, {txt4}, {txt5}, etc..    This allows you to apply different fonts, colors, sizes and effect to each layer individually.

Here is how that looks when you save your Photoshop PSD.

Example Screenshot.png


Not all text effects will work, such as layer masking.  Here are those that do:

  • Layering
  • Drop Shadows
  • Stroke
  • Character Spacing
  • Text flipping/rotating


Keep your PSD files under 2 MB.

You will need to upload the font file (.TTF) to your NiftyImages account for any fonts used in your PSD.

Here is a video with some more details on personalizing with PSD files.



If you would like a detailed look at using our Live Image Updating with Photoshop Files, please visit our Live Image Updating post.

Reach out to us with any questions at support@niftyimages.com.   Keep in mind that you can only get access to this tool if you are a paying customer, at the Enterprise Tier or higher.