The Essential Guide to Using Dynamic Images in Emails

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In simple terms, dynamic images or content significantly differ from static content, as they’re personalized to optimally target the specific end user.

Dynamic images have the power to be changed and personalized dependent on a variety of different factors, allowing your emails to be laser-targeted and tailored to every single person within your list. Dynamic content allows just one campaign to be sent, but personalized to target each individual user based on subscriber behavior and data.


Using dynamic content in your emails will completely eliminate the rigid, often unsuccessful one size fits all’ notion many campaigns suffer from. Each person who opens one of your emails will receive content that’s specifically tailored to them—and that’s what makes dynamic images so special.


It’s no secret how effective email personalization can be, and dynamic images are a universally-successful, varied method of achieving this. Keep reading, and you’ll discover the key essentials to using dynamic images in emails, giving you all the information you need to take full advantage of this sales-boosting marketing technique.


Present the Ideal Product

This particular dynamic technique is a prime example of why customer behavior should be taken into account when sending emails.


Let’s say, for example, you own an Ecommerce business selling shoes. A particular member of your email list has strong history of purchasing trainers, suggesting they’re active and value comfort as a main characteristic of the shoes they choose to buy.


If you were to send an email to this specific person packed-full with images and promotions for heels, it’s highly likely this person won’t be interested based on their purchase history. Not only are the chances of this person clicking-through from this email extremely low, they may never open another of your emails again—simply because they’ve received no personal value from your content.


But, by taking the time to research and track the activity of your list, creating bold, dynamic emails with images of ideal products specifically targeted to each individual person, you’re almost guaranteed to achieve higher click-through rates and sales in the long-run.


Countdown Timers


Creating urgency is a crucial part of almost any email campaign, as it will give readers that much-needed boost they need to take the plunge and make a purchase.


One of the most effective, dynamic methods of achieving this is through countdown timers. Created in real-time and customizable to all time zones across the globe, countdown timers give each user a personalized, unique sense of how long they have left to buy dependent on the time of opening the email.


Equally effective on both mobile devices and desktops, countdown timers are bold, eye-catching and extremely effective in persuading your target customer to purchase from you straight away as opposed to shopping around’ and coming back later—simply because they won’t want to lose out.


This countdown timer tool by NiftyImages allows you to create custom timers to seamlessly blend in with virtually any email campaign, effortlessly creating a personalized time limit and increased urgency for every single user as shown in this example from aha:


Name Personalization

With personalized emails estimated to generate a huge 70% increase in conversions, something as simple as including your recipient’s name within your email will be extremely effective.


Shockingly, only 30% of email marketing campaigns are thought to do this—the other 70% failing to include personalization of any kind. So, in addition to providing a natural increase in engagement and action taken, personalizing your emails will instantly make you positively stand out from the crowd, which can only be a good thing in terms of building trust and generating sales.


Whether included in your subject line, email opener or in a bold image directly presented within the email body, using names is a sure-fire method of making your audience feel special and noticed.


NiftyImages’ personalization tool is a simple, targeted method of achieving this, offering a variety of different styles and templates for you to choose from.


Location-Based Images


It’s likely you have a global-reaching list in which your emails are sent. But, if you create your emails with only one specific geographic location in mind, you’ll immediately alienate a vast proportion of users by not sending emails that are relevant to everyone.


You can easily obtain the location of recipients by asking them to provide it when they opt in. Then, from this, you’ll be able to segment your list based on location and send emails that are specifically targeted to a location that’s relevant for them.


Whether you provide images of a specific event coming up in their area that directly relates to your product/service, or simply include a countdown timer tailored to their specific time zone, taking location into account when creating emails is crucial to ensure you make all users feel included.


Birthday Offers

Perhaps one of the most personalized, dynamic email techniques you can use, sending a birthday offer, deal or freebie to members of your list is a sure-fire method of building both loyalty and gratitude within your customers.


In a similar way to the above method of obtaining someone’s location, you can easily obtain their birthday by simply asking for date of birth when opting in. Then, a couple of weeks before their birthday comes around, schedule to send an email packed-full with birthday-related images and a bold offer they can claim as a birthday gift directly from you.


To take full advantage of the potential success this technique will provide, ensure your subject line includes powerful, birthday-related phrases. Without them, you may run the risk of your targeted recipient not even opening the email—and losing out on their birthday treat.


Here’s a lovely example from Woman Within:


Dynamic images are not only effective when creating laser-targeted emails but, due to the vast array of personalization techniques they offer, are almost guaranteed to result in higher click-through rates and conversions.


Your business will instantly generate more money in addition to increasing trust, loyalty and remembrance among users—certain to increase referrals and repeat purchases!