Creating Data Stores with a CSV, API or Zapier

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2022 Update!

Data Stores are the biggest update to NiftyImages in the past two years.  This feature gives our clients the ability to store any data they want in NiftyImages, then show that data in real time.

This could be the latest Tweet, the newest review given on their site, most recent donation to their organization, the next event/game, or subscriber information that they can’t easily store in their ESP.

These images will update each time they are viewed, creating evergreen content that that can save you time and create 1-to-1 experience for your subscribers.

You can create custom Data Stores that will allow you to build custom designs using text, images, charts and links inside the NiftyImages Editor.

Adding content to your Data Store

We give you a variety of ways to populate your Data Store, such as uploading a CSV, using our API or Zapier to easily automate the data transfers from over 4,000 different apps. 

CSV Option

This option enables you to upload a list that is already complete such as a product list, list of upcoming events, or store locations that you can use to design images with.


We have a variety of Query options to show 1-1 results for subscribers, show the events based on dates/times, or build custom queries to get results that are relevant for each subscriber.

Simply upload your CSV and map the text, image and link fields accordingly.  Once this is done you will be able to create a Query and start designing images immediately.

You can use our API to easily add or delete records for any ongoing updates, or you can always upload an updated CSV to an existing Data Store.

View the Query Options we offer for Data Stores.


The web API allows you to populate your Data Stores directly and keep them updated as needed.

Using our API will allow you to send just the data you need while any Queries you have created will auto filter on the new data. We have a variety of calls that allow you to:

  • Get All Data Store Fields
  • Add or Update a Record to your Data Store
  • Delete a Record from your Data Store for a specific ID
  • Delete a Record from your Data Store

View the Query Options we offer for Data Stores.

Zapier Option

Zapier allows you to populate your Data Store from over 4,000 different apps including Google Sheets, Twitter, TrustPilot, DonorBox, and many more. 

This is an easy solution for anyone without IT resources or experience working directly with APIs. The power of Zapier will give you the option to update a Data Store with any Trigger from existing apps. This means you can add a record to your Data Store when a changes are made to a Google Sheet, you get a new review, a form is filled out, a tweet is sent, or thousands of other ready to use triggers.

Utilizing existing integrations Zapier has from popular apps will give you the power to create evergreen content that we will automatically filter on and use to update your images.

View the Query Options we offer for Data Stores.