Create Evergreen timers with Zapier

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NiftyImages lets you to use Zapier to update the target date of any timer, allowing you to automate this process from over 4,000+ different apps.  Some use cases include changing the Timer Target Date based on updates to a Google Sheet or using the Schedule by Zapier option to create evergreen timers that update daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Our Zap

NiftyImages is an Action Event that you can select when building any Zap.  This allows you to capture a Date and Time from any of the 4,000+ apps they have available and update your timer with that date.

To get started, simply create and save a timer in NiftyImages, then look for the More Options tab.  This will give you everything you need to create the Zap and even give you a template to get started.

Evergreen Timers

Having a timer that updates to the end of each day, week or month can be helpful when using timers in triggered emails, but updating the timer would require you to login to NiftyImages.  Now you can skip this step and use a simple Zap that will do the work for you.

We built a template(Launch Template in Zapier) using the Schedule by Zapier option, which allows you to trigger a Zap any time you wish.  So you can update the timer daily, weekly or monthly as you see fit.

Simply select the Day/Time you wish to trigger the Zap.  This image shows us running the Zap once a month on the 1st day of the month.

Then connect to NiftyImages 2.0 app using the API key we give you on the timer page under More Options.

And finally, you can select the time you wish to add to the trigger date.  In our example we are adding one month, creating a timer that always counts down to the end of each month.

This gives you the power to create a timer that updates any time and increases the timer target date as you see fit for your own marketing needs.