Real-Time A/B Split Tests

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Prove value with experimentation where all variants change once a winner is determined. 

  • Implement with just one Image URL and HREF into any email campaign, in any Email Service Provider.
  • Winning image/link will be applied to all variants once determined.
  • Test different static images or different types of NiftyImages, each with their own click through link.
  • NiftyImages will rotate the variants based on the distribution levels you selected during the set-up process.
  • Stats will be broken down for each version inside of the NiftyImages interface

How is Live A/B Testing better than your current solution?

Traditional split tests send a static variant to different portions of your list, missing the opportunity to show the winning variant to late openers or those that re-open your email. With the long tail of email, we allow you to re-engage subscribers with the winning variant, once determined.  There is no need to split your list within your ESP or combine campaign stats to get a full campaign report.

Setting Up Real-Time A/B Split Tests

Step 1.  Start by adding your different images and links. You can upload images (including GIFs) or select existing NiftyImages from your account. You can create as many variants as you wish in this section.

Step 2.  Tell us how you would like to distribute the opens.

Step 3.  Select your winning metric and when to conclude the test

Winning Metric Options:

  • CTR with Confidence
  • Highest CTR
  • Most Clicks
  • *Future options will include ROI with Confidence, Highest ROI, Most Sales.

Stop Testing Options:

  • After X Number of Opens
  • After X Number of Clicks
  • At Specific Date/Time
  • Manually Select Winnner (this options can be used no matter option is selected)


We will live updates the reporting for your image as stats are accumulated.  These will display the Conversion Rates, Improvement, as well as stats for each variant you have set up.   You also have the option to manually select a winner on this page.

Updating/Restart Test

At any time, you can edit the images/links, distribution, or winning metric.  This includes the ability to “Restart Test” to exclude any prior opens/clicks that may have accumulated during testing or the opens that have occurred while you design your campaign.

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions!