Our New Partnership With Mailsheep – And What It Means For You

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You know how important it is to look good. And I don’t just mean for dating.

Looking good makes people think you’re trustworthy and intelligent. It makes them believe other good things about you, too. Like that you’d be to hire or to buy things from.

This is known as “the halo effect.” And while it can certainly apply to dating, it also applies to business.


For instance, we know that it takes less than two-tenths of a second on your website for a visitor to form a first impression of your brand. So why should your emails be scrutinized any different? They can get assessed and even deleted with one swipe.

So if we know that looks matter so much, and we know that the window for their evaluation is so narrow… why are so many of us still sending frumpy emails?

Okay, maybe they’re not all frumpy. Maybe most of them are even responsive. They look good enough.

But if your emails aren’t looking their best… well, they may get ignored.

Or not.

Because with just a little bit of design support and some smart coding, your emails could be looking way better than they do now.

We’d like to help with that. We’ve even landed you a discount (20% off!), just because you’re a NiftyImages customer.

Yoimgres.pngu see, we knew the importance of our emails looking good, too. So when we were shopping around for a way to make our messages look better, we found Mailsheep, an email template design company.


And got struck by a major halo effect. First there were the welcome email templates. And the hip ecommerce templates. And the templates for events, and content updates… and more. (And now, they’ve even made a template specifically for our countdown timers).


So we called them up and told them they were awesome.   And they thought we were awesome, too!

So we’ve hooked up. We’re buds now. And because they like what we do, and we like what they do, we’re offering discounts on both sides. We’re giving their customers a discount, and they’re giving our customers (that’s you) a discount.

Custom templates, too!

Oh yeah… and if you happen to not quiiiite see what you want in their templates, no worries. For a modest fee (less than a nice dinner), they’ll create a custom-designed template for you. So no need to take something off the shelf and force it to work for you. They make bespoke emails.


And if you’ve got an email template design from some other designer (they’re usually sent as a static photoshop file), Mailsheep can code that baby into a working email template for you. All responsive, of course. All loading zippity-zip. All ready to be deployed by you.

And other email services

That’s not all they can do, either. If you have been too tired and too busy to send your emails out, they can help. With their Sheepdog or Shepherd packages, you can hire what is basically your own in-house email marketer.

Yup – deployment, setup, design, tracking, optimization – the whole gig. So you can move on to other things (though we know you’ll always love email).

One last thing – it’s free!

Want to try before you buy? There’s even a free countdown timer template. Just for you. Because you’re special. Or at least we assume so, because you look so good.

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