You’ve never personalized emails like this before.

You’ve never personalized emails like this before.

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There are a lot of options for personalizing emails, but what makes the subscriber really take notice. Is it their name in a subject line, or showing a product that you think they might want based on past purchase history?  There are new techniques in 2016 that are so simple and so effective, that you need to take notice and make sure you’re competing with your competitors.

Let’s start with some basic personalization techniques that you probably are using or you are at least aware of.

The {Text_Merge} from 1998. Leveraging your customer data and doing a text merge is the simplest form of email personalization.  Example: “Dear {FirstName}”.   With every purchase or sign up you should be collecting as much data as you can and appending it to the customers’ record.  Common data such as First Name are great to single your users out and work particularly well in Subject Lines.  But in 2016, even this basic data can be used in some incredibly engaging ways.  More on this shortly…



Segmentation and Workflows.  Not everyone needs to get every email you send out. This is a lesson worth learning immediately.  Trial accounts shouldn’t get the same emails as your long term users and first time shoppers should be treated differently than your biggest customers.  Collect all the data you can on your subscribers, at every chance you get. (I know I said this in the last paragraph, but it is worth hearing twice).  This data is invaluable and can be used for years to come. It is also the foundation for creating workflows such as Birthday Clubs, Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails, Re-Sell/Up-Sell Emails and a hundred other triggered email options you might come up with.

New Personalization options that you need to start using.


Personalized Images.  NiftyImages offers a service that allows you to use your customer data and merge that into an image for each subscriber on your email list.  This works with all email service provider, agencies and on any landing page.  The end result is that every one of your subscribers will get an image that is personalized just for them.  So the same technique that you use for a basic text merge {FirstName}, can now personalize your images for every subscriber.  Here is quick example:

You will notice that the text is tilted and also in a custom font to meet the marketing needs for this image.  There are a variety of options available, so your customized images can be applied to any marketing plan or strategy you wish to implement.

This technique is guaranteed to impress your subscribers and increase click through rates on any email you send.  Why?  Because personalization works,  images will always draw more attention than text, and NiftyImages lets you combine the two.  Your customers will wonder how you did it, but more importantly they will remember your email and your message more than a generic image for every subscriber.

It can be your welcome series:

A weekly promotional email:


Or any creative ideas that you come up with:


NiftyImages is not just limited to first name either.  You can use any data that you have, as well as use multiple variables in one image.  If you wish to test this technique in your next email campaign, there is a 30 day trial with up to 10,000 impressions available.




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See how we created a NiftyImage in under 2 Minutes:

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