New Feature: Countdown Timers

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‘Tis the season for sleigh rides, snow angels, and presents under the tree.

‘Tis also the season for procrastination, last-minute shopping expeditions and outright panic. While everyone is busy watching “Elf” for the 15th time or helping themselves to yet another serving of Uncle Eddie’s eggnog, they are forgetting that time is quickly ticking by. No one notices until they find themselves frantically shopping in their pajamas at Walmart on Christmas Eve. (Not that that’s ever happened to us….)

So, you ask, how can I make my email campaign snap people out of their peppermint mocha-induced haze and start engaging? Countdown timers!

Our very own NiftyImage elves have created a brand new feature that will boost your engagement, conversion and sales by creating urgency in your emails no matter what time of year it is. Introducing NiftyImages Countdown Timers!

Timer Example

It is no secret that creating a sense of urgency – either real or implied – is one of the main strategies in marketing. By including a custom, eye-catching countdown timer in your message, you are creating a strong visual call to action based on that sense of urgency.

And this goes well beyond just counting down to a holiday or offer deadline. Imagine being able to customize your Countdown Timer for each subscriber to remind them of birthdays, anniversaries, or upcoming events such as weddings. With NiftyImages Countdown Timers you can! Or take the advice of Margaret Farmakis, VP of Digital Marketing at Return Path:

“Abandoned cart emails are perfect for featuring real-time dynamic content, such as countdown clocks or timers.”

The possibilities are endless.

NiftyImages Countdown Timers are fully customizable, work with all ESPs, and best of all are 100% free.  Choose your style, colors, font, and even time zone and language. Upgrade and access advanced customization options to make your Countdown Timer even more effective.

Try it out now:

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