How to Dramatically Improve Your Email Marketing in Less than 2 Minutes

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While we here at NiftyImages are busy working on new features and improvements we thought we would share a real-life example of just how easy (and awesome) creating a personalized NiftyImage is. This short video takes a generic image from a popular retailer’s actual email campaign and uses NiftyImages to make it infinitely more personalized and effective.

This particular email stood out because this retailer – Things Remembered – is literally in the business of personalization. They run an excellent marketing program, yet their emails contain generic images with random names that mean nothing to their subscribers. Up until now there was no other option. That’s where NiftyImages comes in.

Generic Names

Our Nifty team member  – who is not named either Melissa or Ben, incidentally – received this email and immediately saw the need for improvement. He’s sure Melissa and Ben are wonderful people, but he couldn’t care less if they like this cutting board.  He wants to see his name! Even if he were in the market for a gift and not necessarily something for himself, he would be much more enticed to click through to the product if the image was more personal.

So he took the image, removed the names, and uploaded it to his NiftyImages account. Less than 2 minutes later he transformed this generic image into an attention-grabbing personalized email marketing gem.

Much better!

Mr Nifty

Check it out for yourself:

Click here to see your name on the “chopping block.”

Not convinced? Try creating your own NiftyImage with a free, zero-obligation trial. See if you can beat Mr. Nifty’s time of 1:45. We dare you.

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