New Templates Feature Released

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Thanks to the awesome feedback we received from our early adopters, we are now able to proudly introduce the newest and most advanced NiftyImages feature yet – Templates! The Template Gallery features over 30 predesigned images with customizable text and variable fields that help coffee templateJPGto get your NiftyImages created and into your marketing campaign in seconds.

Using a Template to create your NiftyImage is quick, easy and intuitive. All Templates are categorized by theme for easy selection or browse through all of them if you’re looking for a little inspiration. Let’s walk through the process and then go check it out and create one for yourself.

Templates: Easy as 1-2-3

  1. To create a NiftyImage using our new Templates, click “Create New NiftyImage” and then “Create Personalized NiftyImage”. You will be taken directly to our most popular Templates.

Not interested in using a Template? No problem. To create a NiftyImage from scratch, simply choose “Advanced NiftyImage” to be taken to the Personalized NiftyImage Configuration page.

  1. Use the Theme pulldown menu to choose a specific theme or choose “All” to browse all Templates. When you find the perfect Template, click on the image to open the Customize Template screen. Like a fairy godmother with a wand, this is where the magic happens.
  1. The Image, Text, Default Value and NiftyImage name are already set up and in place, created by our own NiftyImage elves. Look good? Just click “Get HTML” and your shiny new NiftyImage is automatically saved in your Library and ready for its new home in your email marketing campaign.

Looking for a little more customization? Simply use the text boxes to customize any field and view the results instantly in the Live Preview section.

Need to make a change? All NiftyImages created with a Template can be edited, renamed and copied at any time through your NiftyImage gallery.

As always, we appreciate your feedback on this new feature. We also would love your suggestions on new Template themes that would make this feature even more valuable to you and your marking efforts.

Enjoy our Templates!

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