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Multiple Parameters, For Your Customizing Pleasure

Any Personalized Image or Photoshop Image can use multiple variables.  We will talk about Personalized Image in this post, which are available to any account, including Trial Accounts.

Photoshop Images gives you more advanced options, allow you to have a different variables on each layer.  This allows for more control such as having a different font, color, size, positioning, an effects for each variable.   You can read more about it here.

Personalized Images

For this example we will assume you have name and a city that you want to include in a single image.  It is easy to do in your image text, by using FIRSTNAME and {txt2}.    Check it out in action:

Just enter your multiple variables in the image text field using unique numbers for each:

And, BAM!, your image becomes highly customized in just seconds.


The ending URL would show:

Which would then be populated as:

If you wish to use more than two variables, you can continue to use the same technique of {txt3}, {txt4}, {txt5} and so on.

“Please note that the Default Value will only apply to the first parameter, while the Casing Option will apply to all of them. However, you can always use your ESP defaults and casing as a workaround, if needed.

A special thank you to all of our Nifty clients for your engagement with us. We truly have received excellent feedback, which helps us to improve NiftyImages in ways we never thought possible.  We strive to be as responsive and awesome as you are in everything we do to make sure NiftyImages is your #1 tool for your email marketing efforts.

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