Personalize Images Increase Engagement & ROI

Remember that cheerleader in high school you were fairly certain didn’t know you existed? Or that quarterback you were not-so-subtly stalking around campus? Then one day they said “Hi, {your name}” while passing in the hallway and you instantly felt like you just won the lottery? And what was the very first thing you did

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Personalized NiftyImages

Personalized NiftyImages are a simple, yet effective, online marketing tool to personalize images for your email newsletter, website or landing page. NiftyImages are dynamic Each viewer of your NiftyImage can have a unique/personalized view. We instruct each browser/proxy server not to cache the image. You can change the image completely, at any time. For our

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Countdown NiftyImage

You often see countdown images on sites such as Amazon, TigerDirect and other eCommerce websites as a means to increase the pressure to act today, and not tomorrow (or never). Marketers use such images and timers in flash sales and traditionally in their Christmas communication. Typically, around Christmas you see messages like “X days left until Xmas” or

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