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Query Options for Data Stores

We have updated our Data Stores options to now offer more advanced filtering and dynamic query options. Once you have added data to a Data Store you can explore the options below to build an image that is dynamic for each subscriber or automatically updates based on the queries you make.

You can create more than one query per Data Store and easily design images in our Personalized Image Editor through the Data Sources button.

Go here to see a video on designing with Data Sources.

Query Options

We offer a variety of query options and will continue to add them as new use cases arise. Take a look at the detailed description below for each query type.

Find a Specific Records

This option should be used to show a specific information based on an identifier that you will pass into the NiftyImage URL from your Email Service Provider. Below are some examples on showing subscribers personalized products and profile information based on the file examples.

Example using a Product List

CSV Example:

Using the Product ID you can then show specific products for each subscriber based on what they have purchased, browsed or you recommend.

Example Using Profile Information

CSV Example:

Using the Profile ID you can design custom images that show a subscriber’s name, image and loyalty points.

Filter by Date

This option allows you to upload a list of events that we will sort and then update automatically for you. Show upcoming games, events, or conference sessions without ever having to touch the image.

CSV Example:

Design your image and we will automatically update it based on the date and time of event.

Lookup Multiple Records

This option allows you to create custom queries using multiple looks up options. Using this options allows you to build dynamic filters on a larger list of products, events or customer information, without needing multiple CSV files.

For instance you could display a specific product for each subscriber based on the category they like(Jewelry, Hats, Clothing), while also showing the product with the biggest discount in that category.

Another example allow you to upload a full schedule of all teams for a sport, then show each subscriber the next game based on their Favorite Team.

Most Recent Record

This allows you to automatically show the most recent record that has been added to this Data Store. If you use our API or Zapier to update this Data Store, we will always show the most recent record.

This can allow you to show the most recent Tweet, Blog Post, Donation, or Review easily with custom designs. The kind of feature that you can set and forget knowing that it will always update for you.

Build Your Own

This final options allows you to custom build your own using any combination of the examples above. A great way to explore your data and see what is possible with this new innovative feature.

Designing an Image using Data Store

Please reach out to us at for any questions or suggestions.

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