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Charts – Personalized for Email Marketing


Creating personalized charts will allow your email subscribers to get a more visually engaging representation of their personal data, compare their data to larger trends and quickly grasp the meaning of this data without analyzing their numbers.

Charts have always been a challenge to include in emails due to the complexity of the design and challenges that come with the multitude of options… until now!


Design Options

NiftyImages offers a variety of charts that can each be modified to accurately represent your brand and display your user data in way that visually enhances your emails.


Each chart option will allow you to specify custom labels, chart or segment colors, how the values are represented, legends, chart titles and more.



Customization also allows you to specify a background color if you wish, modify the image size, image padding, hide/show your X/Y axis, all depending on the type of chart you create.



Chart Values

While designing your chart you may enter temporary values to see examples of the chart.  Once saved though, you will see that each chart offers a MERGE_TAG option for entering subscriber values.



This is where you enter each subscriber’s data using your ESP’s merge tags, exactly as your ESP requires them.  Here is an example using the syntax {{ EXAMPLE }}:

?values={{Data1}}, {{Data2}}, {{Data3}}


The charts will then reflect this data when it renders in your client’s inbox.








Dynamic Options

Values can also be passed in to change the colors, labels, Progress/Gauge Charts that have maximums and minimums, different lines values in Area/Line Charts and much more.  With each chart that you create, and depending on the design features, you will get more options.

In this example the Value, Maximum and Title are changed for each subscriber.







Each chart will also have Dynamic Options to manipulate a particular value in a set, if that is the only value that needs to be personalized.  In the example below we don’t pass in an array of numbers, we only specify that Val4 = X.  This will keep the other chart values exactly what they were when you created the chart.




This can also be done to change specific Labels, Colors and Lines.



Charts using Data Sources

Charts can also be built in real time, using them in combination with our Data Sources.  This allows you to sync data from an API, Google Sheet or CSV file to update the chart each time it is viewed.

Click on the    option next to any Value or Labels field to pull from your Data Sources.


One example is a Progress Bar that shows the total towards a fundraising goal.  By syncing the Value to a Data Source, this progress bar will update each time the image is viewed.


Another example is pulling in customer Values and Labels to show spending habits.  Any API that you have access to, internal or third party, can be used to customize our Charts.


If you have any questions or would like to see a demo of this feature, please Contact Us.


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