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Integrations: OpenWeather and AddEvent

We added two integrations that you can now access under Settings > Integrations.

OpenWeather provides real-time weather and forecasts for any city.  The integration we have built will work for any NiftyImage’s plan and allow you to display real-time weather for all of your subscribers, each time they view the image.

What Plans Can Use It:
Any plan can use this integration if they have an OpenWeather API Key.  The integration we have built will add OpenWeather as a Data Source in your NiftyImages account, even if you don’t currently have access to Data Sources.  We will also create a Photoshop Image that uses this data, regardless of what plan you have.

How Does It Work:
OpenWeather allows us to collect data such as Temperature, City Name and Weather Summary based on any Latitude and Longitude (or ZIP Code).  NiftyImages will automatically capture your subscribers coordinates when they open your image and show them live weather based on the OpenWeather data.


OpenWeather Pricing:
Be sure to look at the OpenWeather pricing to get the proper plan based on the API Calls Per Minute you require. The free version allows for 60 unique opens per minute.

Advanced Weather Options for Enterprise Accounts


Weather Based Images/Links:
If you are subscribed to one of our Enterprise plans, then you will have the ability to use this new Weather Data Source in our Rule Sets.  This means you can show images based on each subscriber’s weather, (over 80 show Hats, between 80-60 show Shirts, under 60 show Jackets).

Custom Designs:
If you wish to create custom weather images, you will need access to one of our Enterprise plans in order to upload your own Photoshop template and then map the OpenWeather fields to respective layers.

Please reach out to us if you want to discuss your needs and get help building your custom design.


AddEvent allows you to easily create an event and calendar files for the major calendar services. This integration will allow you to use a single image URL/link that automatically links to the correct calendar file based on the subscriber’s email client.

What Plans Can Use It
You must have an Enterprise or Enterprise Plus plan in order to use this integration.

How does it work:
This integration will allow you to create an event inside of NiftyImages, then automatically builds you a Rule Set that auto-detects the users email client/OS to display the appropriate image and calendar file.

Each rule will include an image (which you can modify) and the AddEvent calendar link for Google (online), Yahoo (online), Outlook, Apple, (online) and a hosted page, so the user can select their own.


This will save you from having to use CSS hacks in your email HTML.

AddEvent Pricing:
You can look at pricing options here, starting as low as just $19 per month.

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