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We’ve added links for all image types!

You can now link your NiftyImages directly in your account to any website/landing page. With one click you can then copy the HTML for both the image and link, making it easier than ever to add a NiftyImage into your email campaign.


Linking your NiftyImages will provide some huge opportunities, such as:


Personalize images on your website or landing page.

With one click you can pass the email variables that you use in your NiftyImages, on to your website. This means you can continue to personalize their experience on your website, after they click through your email. This includes passing through subscriber dates to show Dynamic Timers, Photoshop personalization and variables that drive Data Source based images.

NiftyImages are now more powerful by moving personalization past the inbox!


Use a different link for expired countdown timers.

Another big addition is the ability to have an Expiration Link for countdown timers. So once a timer is done counting down, subscribers will be sent to a different page if they click on the timer. This is especially valuable for dynamic timers where you might offer a 24 hour coupon on sign up or when someone abandon’s their shopping cart, but they will not be able to reach the redemption page once the timer is done.

Change email links after your campaign has been sent.

We allow you to change your image links at any time, even after a campaign has been sent. So if you wish to send people to a different page after a sale ends, you can change it within your account with instant results. You are no longer constrained once you hit the send button, change links anytime you wish!

Using Links with Rule Sets.

Nowhere on our interface are links more relevant than with our Rule Sets. Having the ability to change images based on Date/Time, Device, Location or on Variables/Data Sources is a real game changer for email marketers that are focused on personalization. Now you can also send them to unique web pages for each Rule that you make. This has some huge implications, such as:


– Linking images for different devices to their respective app stores.

– Sending VIP, Platinum, Gold or non-members to relevant pages.

– Changing your call to action link as a sales is active, versus when it is over or a new sale starts.

– Linking correct calendar files based on their email client.

– Using deep links via an API to send subscribers directly to their suggested product, order history, or order tracking page.

Adding links will not affect your current link tracking.

If you have Google Analytics or other tracking setup in your Email Service Provider, we will pass that code on automatically. So you never have to worry about adding it inside NiftyImages or losing your current reporting.

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