Use Rule Sets to automatically change images in your deployed campaigns.

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Creating intelligent content is the smartest way to code your emails so that each subscriber see’s the exact message you want, at the right time. Our new Rule Sets feature allows you to easily do this without using any complex HTML and is now available for all Enterprise clients.

Create rules to change images based on a particular day and time, time of the day, day of the week, by Device viewing the image, randomly or based on query strings in the image URL. Use one Image URL and we will automatically change the image based on the rules you have setup.

  • You are able to upload images or choose between different NiftyImages for each rule you make.
  • Rule Sets always start at the top rule and work down to a default image.



This shows a welcome image that changes based on the time of day, in Pacific Standard Time:

Blog Post - Shave3.png

Try it yourself…


Example 2:

Create Rule Sets that change images based on merge variables in your Email Service Provider.  This example shows a different View from a Photoshop Image based on a Query Parameter we named Points.


Blog Post - Hotels4.png

Example 3:

Harness reusable assets including personalizing images, timers, social feeds and live images that you have already created. Rule Sets allow you to change between different NiftyImages that have already been created while still personalized each image to the subscriber.

This Rule Set uses a countdown timer until it ends on September 3rd, then changes to a personalized image with the subscribers name in it until September 10th and finally shows a live Instagram feed anytime after September 10th.

Timer to Instagram2.png


We will be adding more types of Rules as we get feedback from our clients, so please reach out to us at if you have any suggestions or questions on this feature.

Video Tutorial: