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Creating Photoshop Timers.

By being a NiftyImages Enterprise client you have the ability to create completely custom timers using Photoshop. Using layers for each time variable (Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds), you can build timers using your own creativity.

Your custom image can display only some of the variables, or use a variable multiple times in an image.

Some of the features you can use:

Here are some examples of what can be done:





By using Photoshop you are able to position the Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds numbers in any position on your image.  These examples show different positioning, colors for each time variable, layering and using the same time variable multiple times in a single image.

Digit Options

You also have the option to make your timer one digit or two digits. To display times in the two digit format use UPPERCASE time variables in their own layer:

Days Variable:   DD
Days Variable:   HH
Days Variable:   MM
Days Variable:   SS


To display times in the one digit format:

Days Variable:   dd
Days Variable:   hh
Days Variable:   mm
Days Variable:   ss


Here is a look at the Photoshop view for this timer using the one digit format.



Important Reminders:

Put each time variable on it’s own layer.
Rasterize extra text layers (This way mm in the word “simmer” isn’t seen ad the minute variable).
Align each time variable left, right or center to get the exact look you want.
Keep your image as small as possible for best GIF size and to minimize download times.
Any fonts used must be uploaded as a .TTF if they are not already in your NiftyImages account.
*Not all Photoshop effects will work, such as gradients or text overlays.*

Here is a video showing how to create a Photoshop Timer.



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