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Creating Views with a PSD.

We created Views to change multiple layers in an image, using a single variable.  This allows you to limit the amount of Customization used within your Image URL, but still get the same level of personalization.

Our Example Scenario

In this use case we have a hotel chain that has two sets of rewards members, Gold and Silver Members. After uploading and saving a PSD with all the image and text possibilities visible, you can then go to Configure Views to create a Gold and Silver View.

*Be sure to make all layers visible in your PSD upon the initial upload or else we will not be able to use them.

While configuring views you can modify each layer of your PSD to get the exact look you want. For our Gold Members we:


Once you are done with your changes click on the Save View icon and name it. We saved it with the name Gold in our example.

We then made more changes for our Silver Members and saved another view: Silver



We can now use these Views in our Image URL to load the specific settings we saved. Simply add, View=(Your View Name) to your image URL. Here are our two examples.


On top of using the View for each subscriber, this image has 4 other variables that we can populate using merge tags from our ESP. Here they are with all variables in place, including totals for Nights, Stays, Points and the Customer’s Name.,932&txt4=Jonathan%20Smith,874&txt4=Matthew%20Stones



Utilizing Views can drastically save you time and headaches that are created with organizing data in your ESP/CRM.  Simply create a view for each subscriber set and then use basic personalization to add the finishing touches.

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to setup a demo.

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