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Understanding Your Emails Beyond the Images

A guest blog post by Ongage, a leading front-end email marketing platform that is able to provide an in-depth analytics on email marketing campaigns.

Email marketers know that one of the best ways to improve email campaign effectiveness is through the integration of images. When those images are personalized and dynamic and have the ability to showcase countdowns and live social feeds thanks to NiftyImages, overall engagement and campaign effectiveness increases even more.

Email marketers that want to know more about their campaigns to improve their overall effectiveness need to be able to dive deep into the data and compare the various parameters of the campaign. In doing so, email marketers are able to gain a better understanding of the various elements that promote engagement and conversions, and leverage that information to create stronger campaigns that garner better results.

One way of doing that is by using an advanced email marketing platform.

Capitalizing on Clicks

Email marketers care about clicks. They are the measure of how interesting your subject line is, how engaging your email content is, and how effective your campaigns can be.

The first click email marketers care about is the open rate, which, in Q1 of 2018, averaged at 24.88%. The next click email marketers care about is the click through rate (which ranges from 1.25% for the restaurant industry and up to 7.75% for the publishing industry).

Knowing the averages overall and per industry is important, however knowing how to understand them and improve them is even more important. For example, a low open rate can signal a poor subject line – something that can easily be examined through split testing, however it can also be the result of a poor list that needs to be cleaned. A low click though rate can be an indication that the list is not optimally segmented or that the send time is not ideal. Following a click in an email, low conversions can showcase a problem with the landing page or the action page.

Knowing the different elements and having the ability to isolate them and examine them is therefore critical for email marketers looking to optimize campaign effectiveness, improve ROI and strengthen consumer connections to their brand.

Having a powerful front end email marketing platform can help email marketers by providing them with valuable insights into clicks and the different parameters that can impact them. By providing enhanced split testing capabilities and gathering information about past campaigns to learn about the impact each parameter change has on the clicks, email marketers are able to strengthen their understanding of their consumer needs for all future campaigns.

Simplifying Segmentation

Beyond understanding open and click through rates and the impact of subject lines and sending times, email marketers need strong list management with segmentation and personalization capabilities to improve campaign effectiveness.

That is why it is imperative for email marketers to have a front-end solution that lets them create hyper-targeted campaigns and easily manage multiple lists.

With Ongage, companies can drill down their user data, creating micro-segments of lists that automatically adjust, removing bounces and unsubscribes to ensure lists continually remain clean and your brand IP reputation is upheld. By analyzing the behavioral patterns of email recipients, companies can improve their list segmentations, building advanced profiles that are more likely to yield conversions. By assessing a variety of parameters such as location, device, past engagement, behavior and more to build a precise user profile, companies increase the chances of driving an email recipient to engage with the campaign while simultaneously strengthening brand loyalty by providing customers with content they care about.

When content in email marketing campaigns is not only interesting to the specific recipient, but personalized and dynamic and incorporates live social feeds, the likelihood of improving campaign effectiveness is further enhanced.

Diving Deep and Doing More with Data

Collecting information about the various parameters of a campaign, improving list management and segmenting user profiles is enhanced when companies can dive deep into their data.

A powerful email marketing platform will provide you with an analytics module that improves your understanding of campaigns from a data perspective, and enabling you to easily drill down into each segment to understand how the various campaign parameters impacted campaigns. Companies can use the BI tool to understand trigger campaigns and split testing campaigns as well as aggregate information to create cross-campaign analytics based on segments, locations, devices and more. For example, eCommerce companies can use shopping cart information in order to trigger promotions and special offers, customizing the emails to the specific users, showcasing relevant items more likely to create engagement and conversion. Companies with a global email list can explore the impact of email send time in a variety of locations, customizing delivery times to the unique behavior of each segment.

Once companies have a better understanding of their customers’ behavior, they can use that information to create automated trigger based campaigns that leverage the various parameters to create the most effective campaign for your brand.

To see how an advanced email marketing platform like Ongage can help you understand your data better, sign up for a free trial.

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