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A Beginner’s Guide to Adding Dynamic Images to Emails Using Zapier

When it comes to including dynamic images into your email campaigns, it’s pretty difficult to ignore all the benefits they can provide.

Incredibly diverse and able to display a variety of different things in a bold, eye-catching way your subscribers will find very hard to miss, dynamic images are fully customizable. Allowing you to update them with real-time data, the possibilities of dynamic images are virtually endless, and can include countdown timers, product price drops, sale information and even weather updates.
But, whilst these images are undoubtedly effective, they do pose one particular hindrance that can cause hassle and be incredibly confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing—live updates.
The majority of information displayed in dynamic email images will need to be updated regularly to ensure the email stays current, relevant and resonates with the reader whenever they choose to open or re-look at the content.
After all, your entire email list won’t all open every email you send at the precise moment it arrives in their inbox, meaning it’s crucial you update your dynamic images to reflect the accurate time—hopefully in a way that is automated and stress-free.
The Solution?
This is where Zapier comes in.
Able to directly integrate with NiftyImages to make live email updates a million times easier, Zapier is guaranteed to become your new best friend if you value the benefits of dynamic email images—but also value your time as well.
So, if you haven’t even heard of Zapier but want to make the process of adding and updating dynamic images within your emails easier, less time-consuming and virtually hassle free, here’s everything you need to know.
What Actually Is Zapier?
A hugely successful online automation tool, Zapier allows you to connect two or more apps together and automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks.
Not requiring any complicated coding or paying hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for top developers—integrating NiftyImages with various apps to provide automatic live updates for your dynamic email images is easy and simple with Zapier doing all the hard work for you!
How Does it Work For Dynamic Email Images?
Dependent on the precise content of your dynamic images, Zapier can automate virtually any updating process when integrated with NiftyImages.
For example, if you’re running an outdoor event and wish to update your subscribers with all relevant details, having an up-to-date weather forecast is guaranteed to impress.

Not only will this demonstrate to the recipient that you’re clearly taking weather into consideration and will account for any issues it may cause, it will also prepare
them for what to expect—even though the weather is completely out of your control!

Whilst the process of providing live weather updates within your emails sounds lengthy, Zapier will make these updates quick, easy and virtually effortless.

All you need to do is sign up to NiftyImages, create your dynamic image using their image
personalization tool, and use Zapier to connect to their corresponding weather app. 

Zapier will then automatically pull all live weather updates based on the specific longitude and latitude you select—guaranteeing accurate, weather updates instantly delivered to each and every one of your email recipients. 

What Else Can Zapier Do?
Regardless of whether your business will follow the above weather example or not, Zapier is certainly not limited to just providing live, dynamic weather updates.
As mentioned, Zapier is seamless to integrate with NiftyImages and a variety of other apps, taking all the manual updating, coding and developing off your hands—and this extends to social media. 
It’s no secret how much of a powerhouse a social media platform such as Twitter is in the business world these days. Able to reach millions of consumers quickly and provide direct, actionable content, real-time tweets are an extremely worthwhile update to have within an email. 

Whether from your company’s own Twitter account or another user, integrating live Twitter updates in real-time to your emails will only heighten the value and relevance of the content you’re providing to your list. 

And, if you choose to use your
own Twitter updates, you’ll achieve subtle yet extremely effective exposure, encouraging your target audience to check out your account and follow you. 

Just as easy as the above weather update example, simply integrate Zapier with your
NiftyImages account, select the specific Twitter user you want Zapier to follow, and their tweets will instantly be incorporated in real-time into your personalized dynamic image. 

It really is
that simple!

Also able to be used for a huge variety of other email updates such as live stock prices, product price changes, real-time traffic information and a live running donation total, Zapier can be applied to virtually
any industry due to its impressive selection of apps that can be integrated.

A truly effective, fool-proof method of taking your email dynamic images to brand-new heights of sophistication, relevance and engagement, integrating your
personalized images with Zapier is guaranteed to enhance your entire email marketing campaign. 
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