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How to Get Divine Inspiration for Your Email Templates

The quality of your email templates is the difference between sending eye-catching emails with a design that encourages click-throughs—and a campaign that falls flat at the first hurdle.


At times, we all need a little divine inspiration to achieve what we want—and EmailMonks provide just that for email templates.


Their service can help you design stunning, customized emails that resonate with your target audience and help you convert more of them into paying customers.


There’s very little not to like about that …


Who are these monks?


Whether it’s a one-off email campaign or a regular monthly newsletter template you need, the wealth of design and coding experience that EmailMonks bring to the table could be heaven-sent.


They’ve coded over 40,000 templates in their time on earth to date.


This experience has helped them boil down the process of ordering email templates to be very speedy and simple: all you need to do is provide your design files in PSD/AI/Sketch formats etc. They’ll send back an HTML email that is tested on over 40 email clients within eight hours.


If you need design work, that’s also possible—but it will take a while longer, of course.


These high-quality templates work pretty much whichever email software you’re using to manage and send your emails. This includes Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and over 35 others.


EmailMonks have quite an array of existing clients. Over 4000 brands and agencies use them, including the University of Cambridge, National Geographic, Disney, 21st Century Fox, Oracle, and DHL.


It’s not only the high quality and originality of the templates that attracts this caliber of client; the templates are also very cost-effective. If coding only is required, pricing starts at just $49; if fresh design is also needed, rates start at $149 per template.


What types of templates are available?


Apart from the divine inspiration mentioned earlier, and the easy and quick order process, all email templates are responsive. They render correctly across all leading email clients and major web browsers.


If any changes are required to the original design, you’ll also find that Email Monks accommodate them with the minimum of fuss and with the same urgency as the original order.


Let’s take a look at a few samples from their library—and you’ll quickly see why they may be an option for you:


If you run an eCommerce business, imagine what the above template could do for your next email marketing campaign. Prominent offers and sharp, clean product showcasing works every time if you have targeted the right audience.


Send one of these out regularly to your list and watch the click-throughs (and sales) rack up!


This one could be great not only for an eCommerce business but practically any B2B or B2C business that wants to highlight product or service benefits with a strong call to action.


It’s practically a landing page sent within an email and and will help skyrocket” your conversions.


This one helps you highlight a simple message to your existing customers who you may require to take an action like confirming their subscription or account. Great for customer service.

Got a regular newsletter to send out with a collection of offers, links to articles, and general news that you need to get out to your customer list?


It’s not always easy to get customers to read your newsletters—or to take the actions you desire. So it’s easy to see how the above design could help your messages get read and acted upon.


Finally, how about this one?


This is head-turning simplicity itself: perfect for showcasing a single, eye-catching, visual product and one clear call to action. The whole email is geared towards busy people in your target audience with no time to read lengthy emails but eager to start shopping or find out more about your products or services.


These are just three good examples of the hundreds of emails and landing page templates available in the Email Monks template library.


How to add an extra edge to your email templates …


The great news is that all of the images you make inside NiftyImages will work with Email Monk templates.


That means you can add features such as personalized images, countdown timers, and embedded Instagram and Pinterest feeds that bring even more originality to your email campaigns.


Personalization is essential for raising engagement levels and improving the user experience; countdown timers add a sense of dynamic urgency that encourages users to take action right now; and the social feeds allow you to better connect your followers to ways to interact and buy from you.


Put simply, this all helps to create more effective marketing campaigns.


For best results …


With email marketing flooding inboxes around the world, it’s becoming harder to stand out.

The top online marketers know that they can improve results by creating beautiful emails that incorporate a creative edge, catch the eye, and clearly promote the desired action.


If you’re after a quick, budget-friendly way to reach your customers more effectively, customized email templates from Email Monks may be the way to go.


Their hook line says You can count on our blessings”. EmailMonks may indeed be the heaven-sent service you’ve been looking for as you consider original, creative ways to engage with and energize your database of potential customers.


Integrating seamlessly with the add-on effects that you can create in NiftyImages, your emails can really dazzle, increasing click-through rates and sales.



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