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Live Weather Updates – Using Zapier with NiftyImages

This post will walk you through the process of making an image that updates daily with the weather forecast, for any location. There is also a video of this process that you can access here, or at the bottom of this article.

Using this type of technique, you can keep updated content inside of emails that don’t usually get updated. Think of Welcome Emails, Shipping Emails, Order Receipts or any other transactional/triggered email.

Since Zapier connects to over 750 different data sources and even RSS feeds, it is limitless to what can be automated using this technique. But this is a quick crash course for you!


Step 1.  Sign up for a NiftyImages Account

Once you have done this, you need to create a Personalized Image.  You can use a template or upload your own image.  If you choose a template, choose one with a lot of text, not just FIRSTNAME.  Once this is save you will see an Image URL that we will use later inside of Zapier.

You will be able to go back and edit this image at any time, even change the image.  But this is needed to give us an image to pass the weather info too.

Step 2.  Sign up for a Zapier Account using the link below or Login:


Step 3.  Building your Zap

To start, you will select the App that you wish to pull data from and put into your NiftyImage, in this case Weather.

Then select Today’s Forecast and hit continue.  You will see that they offer a link to look up any location that you wish to get daily weather on.  So choose a location and insert the Latitude and Longitude.

Then click on Fetch and Continue to complete this trigger.


Step 4.  Connecting your NiftyImages account

Now you will need to add an Action, which is located below the trigger we just setup.

Now you will be able to search and select NiftyImages.

On the next step select Update Image Text, then click on Save + Continue.

Now you need to connect Zapier to your NiftyImages account.  Once you click on Connect Account, a pop-up will ask you for your NiftyImages API Key.

Go into your NiftyImages account and click on My API Keys under settings to create one.  Insert this into the pop-up and connect your accounts.

Step 5.  Set Up NiftyImages Update

On the right hand side of the Image Text field, click on the icon and select Today’s Forecast – Summary.

You will also need to login to your NiftyImages account and go the image details of the saved image.  There you can copy the Image URL that we provided when you saved your personalized image inside of NiftyImages.  If you log back into NiftyImages you can get the Image URL to paste in; select only the HTTP through the = .  As seen below.

Now click on Continue and then Create and Continue on the next page.  This will give you the option to FINISH the Zap and then turn it on.


You are done!

Now if you look at the NiftyImage you made, you will see the weather update daily for the location that you have selected.

There are many other opportunities using Zapier and NiftyImages together, but we hope that this helps you understand the process to get data through an App and push it to the NiftyImage that you wish to show that data.

Here is a video that goes over this process as well. Please reach out to us at with any questions you may have.


You can find the NiftyImages Zap here:

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