Data Sources Using Google Sheets

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This post will show you how to quickly pull information from any Google Sheet and use it to update a NiftyImage.   The techniques will require that you use Data Sources and Photoshop Images, which you get with our Enterprise Plus plan.

The entire process can be completed in less than 5 minutes and will allow you to create images that automatically updates each time your Google Sheet is updated.

Step 1.

Go to any Google Sheet and click on Share button in the top right.  This must be set to ‘Anyone with the link can edit’.  Then click on Get Shareable Link to copy it and then press Done.  When looking at the link you just copied, you will be able to get the Doc ID that you need in Step 2.

Step 2.

Now add your Doc ID and Sheet Name to the link below.

Example Doc ID(will be 44 characters long and can include symbols like a dash):

Example Sheet Name:


Here is an example of a completed Data Source link that you can use inside of NiftyImages.


Optional:   You can define the Header Row by adding the formatting below or we will use Row 1 by default.

Step 3.

Insert your completed link as a Data Source inside your NiftyImages account and select the cells you wish to capture as Data Fields. You can then go to any Photoshop Image and apply Data Fields to any layer which will automatically update whenever your Google Sheet is updated.

You can read more and see a video on using Data Source here.