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Email Templates and ESP Integrations

There is no reason you can’t increase your email click through rates by 30% with just 3 minutes of work.

Our newest additions to the interface will allow you to take any NiftyImage that you have created and download Litmus coded email templates with your NiftyImage already in place.  In case you didn’t know, the Litmus team is a bunch of email coding ninjas that can help you strike without your subscribers even knowing it.  So with 2 extra clicks, you have a coded email ready for your final content changes.

We promise that these templates will look great in every email client and are probably better than your local design guru, Coffee Jim, which sits in the corner cubicle and scoffs when you suggest new HTML techniques.

Email Provider Integrations!

This is something else that we found our clients asking for, an easy way to get templates with the right variable and with the right template tags for their ESP.  So by choosing your ESP and confirming the proper variable you want to use (First Name, City, DOB, etc.), we will fully complete the HTML code for your ESP.  This means you can take advantage of little intricacies that make design editors in Campaign Monitor and MailChimp so easy to use.   Done and Done.

Right now we work with 4 great ESPs, CampaignMonitor, MailChimp, Bronto and ExactTarget(SalesForce Marketing Cloud).   Should you want to have another one added, simply email us and we will get to work.

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