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Remember that cheerleader in high school you were fairly certain didn’t know you existed? Or that quarterback you were not-so-subtly stalking around campus? Then one day they said “Hi, {your name}” while passing in the hallway and you instantly felt like you just won the lottery? And what was the very first thing you did when you got a brand new phone book (Google it, kids) delivered? Looked for your name immediately, of course!   And don’t even try to deny that you don’t rummage through every rack of license plate key-chains you see for your name and then feel like you just HAVE to have it. It’s hardwired into your brain: Your name is YOU and it makes you feel special, important and unique.

What if you could bring those same lottery-winning, have-to-have-it feelings to your customers through your email marketing efforts, website, or even your landing page?  Good news. Now you can!

With NiftyImages, an innovative image personalization tool, you will be able to personalize your marketing message on an entirely new level, resulting in increased engagement, inbox placement and ultimately ROI.

In the fast-growing industry of email marketing, companies are working tirelessly to keep their content fresh and current. Meanwhile, ISPs are determined to only deliver relevant, high quality messages to their users. ISPs are increasingly tweaking their algorithms while focusing on user engagement as a metric for determining what messages get through to inboxes. They are paying close attention to which messages are being opened, read, clicked, and forwarded as well as which companies are achieving a consistently high level of user engagement.

Using NiftyImages will give you, as an email marketer, that competitive advantage you – and the ISPs – are looking for.

By using the NiftyImages tool to place dynamic text into your custom image – such as a first name –  you immediately grab your reader’s attention. All of a sudden you are the cheerleader or the quarterback or the little license plate that makes your customer feels special.  When your recipients see that you’ve gone the extra mile and personalized your message with something as simple – yet personal – as their name, they will be more connected to the message and much more likely to engage.  (See what we’ve done there?)

Driving engagement will increase inbox placement and ultimately ROI.  It’s as simple to understand as NiftyImages is to use.

Personalization = Engagement = Increased ROI

Want to give it a test run?  The First Name in the image path is John, but if you change that you will see the image changes as well. Please paste the examples in a browser and change the First Name in the image path to understand the product.

Now for the best news. NiftyImages integrates with any ESP and currently has over 20 preconfigured ESP profiles for an easy and automatic customer experience.  Don’t see your ESP listed? No problem.  Simply insert your database variable (technical term) and BAM! (non-technical term), you’re done. You can also contact support at to have your ESP prolife added to our list.

If this little spiel wasn’t enough to convince you to try NiftyImages, how about this? NiftyImages is currently being offered at no charge to early adopters. All we ask for is a little constructive feedback.

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