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Personalized NiftyImages

Personalized NiftyImages are a simple, yet effective, online marketing tool to personalize images for your email newsletter, website or landing page.

NiftyImages are dynamic

For our simple example we are going to personalize the following image:

Step 1: Choose an image

Choose one of our FREE images, or upload the image you want to personalize. You can store an unlimited number of images and folders to stay organized.

Step 2: Choose a custom font

While we have a number of fonts for you to choose from, you can upload any TrueType (.ttf) font for complete control over text appearance on your NiftyImages. Fonts uploaded will be available when you are designing your NiftyImage below.

Step 3: Customize the overlayed text

First drag and resize the text to the exact place you want the personalized message rendered. Next you can configure text formatting options like Font, Size, Justification, Bold, Italic, Underline, Color and default text.

Step 4: Get the URL

After creating the NiftyImage you will be brought to the details of it.Here you can find the URL to use in your email newsletter, website or landing page.

We also provide a tab with an example URL and full image tag that changes as yo type in the text box to get a full understanding of how it works.

How do I use the URL?

The URL for the image above is:

Here is how you provide the text to use at the end of the URL:



What is the default value?

In step 3 above I’ve supplied the text “Valued Customer” as the default text. This is the text that will be displayed if you don’t supply any. If you do provide some text, the entire default value will be replaced. You can think of the default text as one large variable that is replaced (if present).

What if things change?

The images are completely dynamic. You can change the default value, the location of the text, font, and any other styles that you applied to your NiftyImage. You can even change the background image to make it entirely different.

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